Published on Thursday, April 2, 2015

Time Span Formatting in SSAS

Support for custom formatting string: DD.HH:MM:SS

ESS offers a BI Solution based on a SSAS Cube using the 3CX phone data.  One of the challenges in the cube implementation is the display of time span values in SSAS. The available “Format_string” options are limited and do not allow extensions.  The call data from the 3CX phone system is recorded in seconds. Some of the measures, such a  “Ringing Duration” and “Talking Duration”, require custom formatting when displayed on the client. The preferred format is the Time Span: “Days.Hours:Minutes:Seconds” or “DD.HH:MM:SS”.  This makes it very easy for the end user to comprehend the duration times compared to seeing a really big number, representing seconds (i.e. 4.11:03:13 vs. 9,834,132 sec). 

The BI Portal offers custom value formatting, which makes support for Time Spans easy.  Here is a snapshot of the 3CX cube data, displaying Talking Durations as well as common Time Calculations, automatically done in the cube:


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Constantin Ivanov

Constantin Ivanov

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