Companion for MS Analysis Services

The Companion for MS Analysis Services is designed from the ground up to enhance your SSAS implementation with little or no impact on performance. Its efficient architecture consists of two components – a Windows NT service installed on the system running Microsoft Analysis Services and a Client application that can run on any machine capable of communicating with the Analysis Services.

Companion for MS analysis services

The NT service collects data retrieved from the SSAS server and writes it to a SQL Server database. The familiar and intuitive Client application connects to this database and presents the data in an easily understood format. The interface is developed using leading edge technologies like asynchronous processing, so you will never be held up by the more intensive processes.

With a lightweight architecture that runs natively on any Windows platform (including x86, x64 and IA64), the Companion for MS Analysis Services can increase the performance, manage the growth and empower the development of any Analysis Services implementation.
Whether you're a SQL Server database administrator, a BI developer or a Business Intelligence analyst, the Companion for MS Analysis Services' advanced feature set can increase your productivity by reducing the total ownership cost for your Microsoft Business Intelligence platform. Below are just some of the features and functions that will enhance your Microsoft SSAS implementation.
  • Resource Governor – guarantee server performance by terminating long running queries
  • Cube Processing – improve the delivery of current business critical information by isolating the slowest steps during processing
  • Baseline Analysis – observe and track bottlenecks and performance trends, and estimate data performance over time to stay ahead of the curve
  • Capacity Planning – view the estimated size of cubes over the next several months to stay on top of resource demands
  • Performance Monitoring – visualize overall server health statistics aggregated and in real-time, including disk I/O, network interface throughput, CPU time and memory usage
  • Disk Partition Alignment – display information like partition offset and allocation unit size to determine whether partitions are aligned for best I/O performance
  • Backup and Restore Performance – get better control of your disaster recovery processes
  • Metadata Analysis – view detailed information about dimensions, partitions and aggregations
  • Data Access Monitoring – examine data access patterns so developers can focus on missing aggregations
  • Bottleneck Isolation - Pinpoint what causes bottlenecks and eliminate them
  • Query Performance – report on underperforming MDX, DMX or XMLA queries, as well as those queries used during cube processing
  • OLAP-on-OLAP - Analyse your end-user usage
  • Cache Warming – pre-populate the cache so that end-users don't have to wait for data to be fetched into memory after cube processing
  • User Aggregations – take aggregations to the next level by creating aggregations that cover multiple dimensions or attributes
  • Hardware Management – keep tabs on server hardware details, such as memory capacity and usage, CPU socket type and bus frequency
  • Usage Monitoring – track user connections and requests, locks, transactions and more
  • M2M Optimizer has been added as a new node. This feature allows the detection and optimization of Many-to-Many relationships.
  • Time Travel has been enhanced to report separately for "Queries", "Processing", and "Storage Engine". Three new nodes are now available under the Time Travel node. The user can do better analysis where the pressure points are on the server.
  • Full Support for SSAS 2012!
 Screen Shots
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Bi Portal Screenshots

Bi Portal Screenshots

  • Aggregation Manager
  • Best Practices Check
  • Integrated MDX Studio
  • Performance Monitor
  • Server Health Monitor
  • Slowest XMLA Queries
  • Time-Travel in Companion for MS Analysis services
 Service and Support

Enterprise Software Solutions provides software support related to the purchased product at no additional cost. Most of the submitted bugs and requests are addressed and resolved within 48 hours. Recommendations and New Feature Requests are added on a TODO list and addressed after being reviewed and approved.

Companion for MS Analysis Server license includes:
  • Per server instance license with single or unlimited users
  • Initial overview of your environment, security, servers, deployment, setup, and configuration
  • Recommendation on product deployment – stand alone, failover cluster
  • Initial configuration of the product
  • Initial overview of configurable options, discussion, review and help with decision making on default values
  • Initial training on how to use the product
  • 1 year of support directly related to the product
  • 1 year of updates, bug fixes, patches and any new versions that we deploy
Additional license information:
  • Yearly renewal prices for support and new versions are 50% of the original product cost
  • Academic and additional Cluster Node licenses are at 50% the original product price
Additional Support Options:
  • Dedicated service and support
  • Advanced software development
  • Development Architect
  • Consulting
  • Monitoring
  • Optimizations
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