At the heart of our Professional Services team is the desire to “make your data smarter!” and to provide reliable Enterprise Level Custom Solutions that fit your requirements. We look at every implementation and every project as an opportunity to help you create a seamless flow of information. From IT management systems to business intelligence to unified communications platforms, we are passionate about delivering solutions that work for you, so that you can focus on the business that matters most.

Cube Design

Enterprise Software Solutions offers assistance with every step in building a Business Intelligence (BI) solution using the Microsoft BI stack. The first component is the database warehouse. This is where the data is stored, managed and searched. We can help with designing the database, creating the referential integrity, and optimizing the indexing strategy based on the data access patterns. We use MS SQL server as the database engine.

Loading the data into the warehouse may require additional steps for scrubbing and cleaning it. The process is known as ETL (Extract, Transform, Load). MS Integration Services (SSIS) are used for this task. The next step in the process is designing the cube based on the business requirements. MS Analysis Service is the aggregation engine that hosts and manages the multidimensional data.

The cube design covers various aspects. Security is one of them. We offer solutions that can be deployed on the intranet or the Internet, with authorization granularity down to the individual user. Processing is the step that takes the data from the data warehouse and pushes it into a multidimensional format. Various techniques are used for optimizing and speeding up this process. Once the cube is ready, various tools are used to access and query the data. We offer a web-based solution for the front-end. Assistance with writing and tuning MDX queries is also provided.

The Companion for MS Analysis Server can monitor and optimize the various steps of the cube and database implementations. It can also guarantee SSAS server performance especially important in Internet deployments.

We offer Complete Business Intelligence Solutions including consultation, design, testing, presentation, delivering, monitoring, tuning and optimizing.

SSAS Troubleshooting / Optimizing

Most solutions are created in a development environment with limited amount of test data and queries. Once the solution is moved to production, various performance issues start to surface. Scalability and predictable performance become the focus of the solution. These requirements can be approached from two different angles.

The first one is via configuration. Our front-end solution provides several configurable options, which control how the user is interacting with the back-end service. For example, if a very large dimension is marked for filtering, our software will not allow the user to select the dimension before its being filtered.

The second one is via monitoring the back-end. We offer software that monitor SQL and SSAS 2005 and above versions. A feature, called “Resource Governor”, controls expensive queries and terminates them before they affect the server.

The Companions also collect a lot of information that is used for tuning the cube and database implementations. Various reports cover every aspect of the internal works of both SSAS and SQL engines. We also provide manual tuning services for both production and development machines.

Custom Software Development

We are using Microsoft technologies to develop software solutions. Windows and Web solutions are both offered. For web-based project, both Silverlight and ASP.NET/HTML5 implementations are available. Here is a list of commonly used technologies that we specialize in: .Net, ASP.NET, Win/Web-Forms, WCF/Web Services, Silverlight, HTML/JavaScript, HTTP, TCPIP, Cryptography, Active Directory, Exchange web services, XML, XMLA, MDX, TSQL, DMX, SSRS, MS SQL, SSAS, Data Mining, Win32 APIs, and more.

Managed Server Hosting

Enterprise Software Solutions offers managed servers hosting and cloud based computing as part of its complete solutions. Failover Clustering, redundant firewalls, fiber storage, redundant power, secured access and just free of the enterprise level features that keep your data secure and available.

Cloud based computing and shared servers help you better meet your budget expectations. Contact us for details.

Consulting and Support

Enterprise Software Solutions offers hourly-based consulting and yearly service and support agreements. The covered services are fully customizable to meet your budget and needs.