General Support

Enterprise Software Solutions provides support for all of its products to customers with active service agreements at no additional charge. Please email us at with your contact information and support request details. Emails are usually handled within 24 hours. If you require immediate support, please call us and review the section below for details on how to allow us to connect to your equipment and help you immediately.

Immediate Support

HOST support for business intelligence software Thank you for utilizing our immediate support page. Please notice that you are giving our trained technicians access to your computer/server. It is your responsibility to evaluate the potential security issues and by allowing us to connect you give up any rights to hold us responsible for anything. We strongly recommend that you do not connect your production servers to us, rather use staging servers. Also, during the remote support session, you will be in complete control, watching us what we do, and you can disconnect the remote session at any time.

1. When you click at the link "Immediate Support", the executable file will be downloaded to your computer. Once downloaded, you will be presented with the following screen

Supporting procedures for BI software installation

2. Click Run to start the Team Viewer Quick Support.

 Supporting procedures in BI tools installation

3. On the next screen you will see the unique ID and password. Please tell us this ID and password.

Support for business intelligence tools installation

4. Upon successful connection, our technician will be able to see your desktop.

To setup remotely managed system host click here.