About Us

Enterprise Software Solutions

Enterprise Software Solutions has developed an innovative set of products to help you persistently monitor and proactively manage your IT software resources, allowing you to gain better control of database performance, data delivery and communications flow. On the front-end Enterprise Software Solutions has developed a complete analytical and presentation framework called BI Portal that hosts several major products – Business Intelligence Companion, Report Server Companion, Data Mining Companion, Dashboards, Charts and Maps.

Enterprise Software Solutions specializes in the Microsoft SQL Server Stack – SQL, SSAS and Reporting Services. The company’s initial product Companion for MS SQL Server debuted over 7 years ago and was the first product to provide details of the inner workings of the MS SQL server. ESS invented the Deadlock monitor, Time Travel and Forensics Analyzer. Followed by the Companion for MS Analysis Server, ESS once again was the innovator of the Resource Governor and Cache Warmer.

We Know IT

Due to our vast experience in data design, systems engineering and IT management, we understand the significant constraints and obstacles many companies face with information management. We place that understanding at the center of every product and service we offer, from database management and business intelligence tools to custom solutions and consulting.

We Build Solutions That Work For You

Our enterprise-class software development team designs all of our solutions using the most advanced software technologies to achieve some of the lightest weight and most scalable products on the market. You don’t need software that clutters your servers with little real value. Our solutions will help you grow without taxing your system resources. Easy installations, platform compatibilities and intuitive interface designs couple with powerful functionality to create some of the most robust tools available today.

The Data Problem

Data rich, knowledge poor – a phrase heard far too often in today's business world. Many businesses are struggling to find ways to make sense of their growing and often disconnected collections of data. But with Enterprise Software Solutions, you can have your data, and use it too! Enterprise Software Solutions produces business intelligence products that simply and rapidly enable the collection, analysis and presentation of business data. Our tools for data mining, multidimensional modeling and enterprise reporting help you turn your data into knowledge.

Our Clients